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PDFreactor in Drupal
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I have deep skills in Lotus Notes/Domino. And I am open to looking at porting Lotus Domino based applications to Drupal. Here is a bit of information about my background in Domino.

At one point in the early 1990's, and before IBM bought Lotus, Bizmark Development was the only Lotus Business Partner in the state of Louisiana. In 2000 I went to to work for IBM in Austin as a software engineer, but continued to do work for a few clients as Bizmark. One memorable project was the development of an ERP/MRP system entirely based on Lotus Domino. It was a remarkable project that we named OpViews.

OpViews is an ERP system built entirely on Lotus Domino, using the Lotus Notes client and scripted with LotusScript. It was developed to replace a Made2Manage® installation in 2003. Here are some things about OpViews:

  1. The system is crafted and maintained to your current business process. No “customization”, no tailoring, no configuring. Built from basic modules and completely scripted to implement your processes.
  2. The system replicates data to your own laptop from a central server. Designed for distributed teams of less than 50 persons, data changes from one person’s laptop trickles within minutes to a central server and is then distributed to all other laptops.
  3. The system has not crashed or failed in any material way since it’s inception in 2003.
  4. Development cost that approximates the annual maintenance charge of a typical packaged system. Source code is not hidden.

I am able to develop and deploy the system on a Rackspace or Amazon managed cloud infrastructure. This is a robust, integrated and custom system.